LOVE ABUNDANCE 7 Chakra Energy Generator

LOVE ABUNDANCE 7 Chakra Energy Generator

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7 Chakra Energy Generator is a powerful energy healing tool. The conical pyramid point and star-shaped form enhances the innate power of crystals and directs it to where it needs to go. Clear Quartz repels negativity, transmits and transforms vital energy, aids meditation, raises your vibration, clears impurities and toxins from the energy body, ear infections, tinnitus, diabetes, obesity, pituitary gland issues and helps with any condition.


This generator is perfect for healing, reiki, meditation, and chakra balancing. You can also place this Energy Generator near sunlight in your office desk, living room, or bed-room to charge the space with universal light and knowledge.


The generator has the energies of seven chakras. The Crystal Quartz pyramid occupies the center and 7 X 6 facet gemstone points extend outward. It is about 10cm in size.


  • Gemstones Points
  • Root Chakra = Red Jasper which encourages spiritual development, help alleviate stress
  • Sacral Chakra = Orange Aventurine which helps with skills and motivation to solve problems
  • Solar Plexus Chakra = Golden Quartz which helps with an open mind, make rational decisions, and with confidence
  • Heart Chakra = Green Aventurine which heals emotional pain, fear and imbalance and promotes universal love and truth
  • Throat Chakra = Lapis Lazuli which provides mental calm, opens the throat for self-expression  and encourages honesty
  • Third Eye Chakra = Blue Aventurine which helps with inner strength, self-discipline and making clear decisions and sticking by them
  • Crown Chakra = Amethyst which helps develop your psychic abilities

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