We spread LOVE and ABUNDANCE with a POSITIVE attitude.

Our store started out as a table taped with flyers in Echo Park. We then moved to the Walk of Stars on Hollywood Boulevard. We gave magick away for free…Shh!

Love isn’t always pretty, you know — we discourage people from lighting cigarettes; we preach them to stop eating unhealthy; and we impose our hugs onto people who didn’t want them, but clearly needed them…

We play games consisting of angels and archangels. We cleanse the energy of the block with constant incense. We make people feel a certain way — different from their norm.

In this way, we transform lives!

Out of this magickal, mystikal work emerged our popular
Love Abundance Store and Merchandise.

We have our store merchandise — Love Abundance t-shirts with Ganesha, and I Love You in Sign Language and Chakra Doctor LOVE GANG T-shirts.

We specialize in incense — 21 flavors from Wildberry (Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli, Champa Flower, Sweet Pea, King Cake, Fizzy Pop, Sandalwood, Egyptian Cotton, Fresh Rain, Frankincense, Sage n Santo, Eucalyptus, Ocean Wind, Tranquility, Raspberry Rose, Cherry Vanilla, Vanilla, Wizard, Blend 22, Opium, Peace of Mind); Satya Sai Baba flavors like Nag Champas, Frankincense, Mrryh, Dragon’s Blood, Positive Vibes to name a few.

We have California White, Lavender, and Dragon’s Blood Sage; Palo Santo; essential oils and burners; and incense holders.

We take our store everywhere —from busy streets to ocean beaches; from vegan festivals to healers faires.

We are a traveling store — so hit us up on our social media to find out where we are on any given day.

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